Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Supported formats
  3. Basics
    1. How to install or uninstall
    2. How to set up file associations
    3. How to open an archive or disk image
    4. How to open a self-extracting (SFX) archive
    5. How to extract an archive or disk image
    6. How to create a new archive
    7. How to create a self-extracting archive
      1. How to create 7Z self-extracting archive
      2. How to create RAR self-extracting archive
    8. How to create an encrypted archive
    9. How to create a multi-volume archive
    10. How to create and use packing profiles
    11. How to add, update or remove files in an archive
    12. How to view archive’s properties
    13. How to set up a password
  4. Checksums
  5. Integration with plug-ins
    1. How to view installed plug-ins
    2. How to install new WCX plug-ins

How to create RAR self-extracting archive

Important! Self-extracting RAR archives can be created only if WinRAR is installed on your PC.

You can use the following modules to create RAR self-extracting archives:

Default.SFX and Default64.SFX

This module creates a 32-bit or 64-bit application with the graphical user interface:

Default.SFX application

Specify the destination folder for extraction in the Destination folder field (either manually or by clicking Browse and browsing to the destination folder) and then click Extract. If the destination folder does not exist, it will be created automatically. When the extraction process starts, you will see the following window:

Default.SFX extraction

You can click Pause to suspend the extraction, or Cancel to abolish the extraction. Once the extraction is complete, the application will be closed automatically.

WinCon.SFX and WinCon64.SFX

This module creates a 32-bit or 64-bit console application. Once launched, the resulting application automatically starts extraction in the same folder where the SFX itself is stored.