TC4Shell is the perfect tool for opening an enormous range of archive types

such as ZIP, RAR and 7Z, directly in Windows Explorer

Got tired of keeping multiple applications for 7-ZIP, RAR and ISO on your PC? Want to open all archive formats directly in Windows Explorer? Or feeling uncomfortable without your favorite WCX plug-ins for Total Commander? If yes, then TC4Shell will fit just fine!

TC4Shell is a file archiver which makes things as simple as possible, but not simpler. Thanks to its core feature – ultimate integration with Windows Explorer – you will be able to handle archives and disk images just like regular folders. Everything you might need when dealing with archives is now right within reach: copy/paste, drag&drop, running executables directly from archives, as well as working with nested archives and self-extracting (SFX) packages.

In addition, TC4Shell enables you with easy, yet convenient, password manager and package profiles. If you often send or receive password-protected archives, you can set up passwords for encryption and then simply pick them up from the TC4Shell's dialog box when packing files. The same mechanism also applies to package profiles – simply configure compression parameters, such as compression level and method, and then re-use them by picking up the corresponding profile. Cheap and cheerful!

And finally, if you want to extend TC4Shell functionality, feel free to download and install your favorite archive plug-ins for Total Commander. Or, if you ever chance upon 7-ZIP archives created with a different codec (such as ZStandard or LZHAM), this codec can be downloaded and used in TC4Shell as well.

By default, TC4Shell supports a broad range of archive formats and disk images:

File typeExtensionsDecompressionCompression
7Z archive7z, 7zipYesYes
ZIP archivezip, zipxYesYes
RAR archiverarYesYes
CAB archivecabYesYes
SQX archivesqxYesYes
TAR archivetarYesYes
GZIP archivegz, gzip, gz, tgzYesYes
BZIP2 archivebz2, bzip2, bz2, tb2, tbz, tbz2YesYes
ISO disc imageiso, udfYes
WIM disk imagewimYesYes

and many others.

TC4Shell works on all operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are fully supported.