Deep Integration with Windows Explorer

Thanks to the flexible technology called Namespace Shell Extension, TC4Shell deeply integrates with Windows Explorer allowing you to handle archives and disk images just as regular folders – including all the copy&paste and drag&drop operations.

Multitude of Supported Formats of Archives and Disk Images

TC4Shell allows you to use Windows Explorer for opening all formats of archives and disk images that you might ever come across – from popular 7-ZIP, ZIP, RAR, ISO and WIM up to the legacy ones.

Viewing Files Directly in Windows Explorer

TC4Shell can display the contents of each archive directly in Windows Explorer. No need to get accustomed to any new user interfaces – simply use the convenient and familiar Windows Explorer for both folders and archives.

Opening Files and Running Executables Directly from Archives

TC4Shell allows you to open files within an archive even without extracting them. When you double-click a file, TC4Shell will copy it to a temporary folder, launch the associated application, and then remove all temporary files once they are of no use anymore.

Opening Nested Archives

Using TC4Shell, you can open and modify nested archives just like regular archives on your hard drive.

Creating New Archives and Modifying the Existing Ones

The combination of TC4Shell and Windows Explorer allows you to create new archives compressed in 7-ZIP, ZIP, TAR and plenty of other formats. If you have WinRAR installed on your PC, TC4Shell will also be able to create and modify RAR archives.

Compression Presets and Packing Profiles

TC4Shell allows you to create Compression presets and Packing profiles, and save them for later use. If you do that, you will be able to set the necessary parameters in one click.

Advanced File List Filtering Based on .zipignore Rules

TC4Shell provides powerful file selection features, so you can quickly and easily select files for packing. You can use black or white lists of file extensions. In case you need more flexibility, TC4Shell also supports advanced file filtering based on rules contained in .zipignore files (which use the same syntax as the popular .gitignore files).

Creating tar.gz and tar.lz Archives in One Click

In TC4Shell, it is also possible to create tar.gz and tar.lz archives which are very popular on Linux. It is as easy as creating a new archive of any other format.

Convenient Password Manager

TC4Shell features its own password manager to store frequently used passwords. You can either pick them up manually from the drop-down list each time you open a password-protected archive or instruct TC4Shell to apply them automatically.

Support of WCX Plug-ins for Total Commander

When the standard TC4Shell functionality is not enough, feel free to download and install your favorite archive plug-ins for Total Commander. Independent developers offer lots of really great WCX plug-ins for free that you can use not only in Total Commander, but also in TC4Shell.

Support of Codecs for 7-ZIP File Manager

TC4Shell fully supports all codecs for 7-ZIP File Manager (such as ZStandard or LZHAM) and thus can easily unpack archives compressed using any of them.