7-Zip plugins\Thumbs7z

Thumbs7z is a small plugin for the popular 7-Zip archiver. 7-Zip with Thumbs7z can open Windows thumbnail cache files and extract individual thumbnails from them.

Open thumbcache.db in 7-Zip

List of formats that can be opened in 7-Zip with Thumbs7z

Files created in Windows XP and Windows Media Center:

  • Thumbs.db
  • ehthumbs.db
  • ehthumbs_vista.db
  • Image.db
  • Video.db
  • TVThumb.db
  • musicThumbs.db

Files created in Windows Vista and better:

  • thumbcache_16.db
  • thumbcache_32.db
  • thumbcache_48.db
  • thumbcache_96.db
  • thumbcache_256.db
  • thumbcache_768.db
  • thumbcache_1024.db
  • thumbcache_1280.db
  • thumbcache_1600.db
  • thumbcache_1920.db
  • thumbcache_2560.db
  • thumbcache_sr.db
  • thumbcache_exif.db
  • thumbcache_wide.db
  • thumbcache_wide_alternate.db
  • thumbcache_custom_stream.db


The Thumbs7z distribution package is an ordinary Zip archive that contains the following three files:

  • Thumbs7z.64.dll – the 64-bit version of the plugin
  • Thumbs7z.32.dll – the 32-bit version of the plugin
  • ReadMe.txt – the user instructions

To install the plugin into the 7-Zip installation folder, you need to create the "Formats" subfolder. After that, copy Thumbs7z.64.dll or Thumbs7z.32.dll (depending on your 7-Zip edition) to that subfolder. If you do that, each time you launch 7-Zip, it will automatically find Thumbs7z and use it when opening files of the supported formats.

Current version

  • Plugin version: 1.0
  • Distribution package size: 209 KB
  • Distribution package release date: 16 Mar 2018