Master password support in password manager?


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A feature request. In total commander, I can setup a master password to protect all the sensitive passwords in its password manager.
I think it would be much safer if the password manager can be locked by a master password.



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It is not so easy to implement this feature. The main difference between TotalCommander and TC4Shell - TotalCommander is separate application, but TC4Shell is plugin for Windows Explorer. If you enter master password it does not mean that TC4Shell will keep it. After some period of inactivity Explorer unloads TC4Shell from memory and TC4Shell will forget your master password. So you must enter master password very often.

Also Windows Explorer can be configured to open every folder in separate process and every process will have its own copy of TC4Shell. And when you enter master password in first process second will not know it and you will enter the password twice during copy/paste operations.

What should I do with auto opening of password protected archives? Ask master password every time?