Forensic7z for TotalCommander?


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I wonder if you have a plan for TotalCommander plug-in of Forensic7z.
Forensic7z is a great plug-in. I appreciate it. It would be better if I can use it with TotalCommander. Thanks.


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I don't plan to make a separate plugin for TotalCommander. But the Total7zip plugin can use third-party 7zip plugins, including Forensic7z. Also you can try to use this technique.


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I'm using the (non-)old Total7zip plugin replacing the "7z.dll", "7z.sfx" and "7zG.exe" (for 64 and 32 bits versions) with the most recent 7zip files and it works like a charm (I recomend to delete the file "Total7zip.xml" when you update the 7zip files). Futhermore, I use the technique described for support 3rd party plugins with the Proxy7z tool with the same Total7zip plugin and it works like a charm too. It's very easy to do it: inside the plugin directory (%TOTALCMD%\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip\) create the folder "7zPlugins" (and "64/7zPlugins") and copy to it the current 7z.dll from the TC plugin directory. After copy the Proxy7z "7z.dll" to the plugin directory. And put all your plugins inside the corresponding folder. That's all!