eDecoder and e-mail headers


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I just discovered your handy 7zip plugins.
I like the eDecoder plugin for example.
I'm often interested in the headers of an e-mail. If I open an outlook .msg file in 7zip using the eDecoder plugin, I can see the mail in .eml format and it's attachments. When I open the .eml in a text editor I can see the headers at the top of the file. When I open the .eml in 7zip I can see a Message.txt containing the body of the mail without the headers, a folder NoName001 with again the attachments but I can't see the headers.
Is it an idea to also show a file Headers.txt containing the headers of the e-mail?

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Why do you need a separate file with headers if you already can see them with any text editor? The name of the plugin is eDecoder. It decodes files. But in case of headers there is no information to decode.


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I don't need it necessarily, I thought it may be a handy addition to the eDecoder.
When you open an .eml in a text editor you can see the headers, the body and the encoded attachments. When you open the .eml in 7zip you see the body and the decoded attachments, but you don't see the headers (although they are in the .eml, 7zip won't show them). I thought it would be nice to open an .eml (or other mail file) in 7zip and then also have the feature to see the headers just by clicking a virtual headers.txt file or so.