Command line support?


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Sometimes I like to use scripts in powershell or cmd to automate stuff, like downloading and extracting some updates.
Before, I used 7z.exe to extract archives from the command line, but I don't know this is possible with tc4shell too. TC4ShellConsoleProxy.exe or TC4ShellEx.exe don't give any feedback if I try to run them in cmd and in the TC4Shell/7z directory there are only .dlls so I don't think that I could just use that either.
Is there a way to use tc4shell in the command line, or is that feature going to be added maybe?


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TC4Shell was developed for end users but not for command line so there is no way to use TC4Shell in command line mode. And command line mode is not planned at all. There is already good instrument for command line - 7z.exe, and I don`t see a reason to create a copy of it.

But there is a way to use automation with vbs scripts. Sample:

'The location of the zip file.
'The folder the contents should be extracted to.

'If the extraction location does not exist create it.
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If NOT fso.FolderExists(ExtractTo) Then
End If

'Extract the contants of the zip file.
set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
set FilesInZip=objShell.NameSpace(ZipFile).items
Set fso = Nothing
Set objShell = Nothing

But performance of vbs scripts is much worse.