Can not scroll the items in some TC4shell windows using my laptop's trackpad gesture


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I am facing a quite odd problem on my laptop.
I can not scroll the items with my laptop's trackpad gesture in some TC4Shell windows.
However the mouse-wheel and the scroll bar works nice, just the trackpad gesture does not work.

See this short screen record video showing how it behaves when I am trying to scroll it with trackpad gesture.

Currently, I found it happened in the Menus->Customize and internal menus->choose encodings, other windows are ok for my trackpad.

I am using TC4shell 18.2.6 on win10 x64.
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Thanks for bugreport. But I`m not sure this problem has direct relation to TC4Shell. Maybe it is some kind of trackpad driver problem or something like this? Google shows hundreds of pages when asked for "trackpad gesture does not work". Is TC4Shell the only program that has such problem on your laptop?


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Yes, tc4shell is the only program that have such problem currently.

And also, it only happened in some specific windows, not all.
The customize file type window and the change encoding window only.

The file association window is OK.