External libs updated to the latest version
Language files updated
Minor bugs fixed


New Preferences dialog (Start/TC4Shell/Preferences).
Support of forensic disc images (S01, E01, Ex01, L01, Lx01, AFF, AD1) added.
Minor optimizations.


GDI leaks fixed.
UI performance optimizations.
Minor internal improvements.


CRITICAL BUG FIXED! (Windows explorer sometimes crashes) It is highly recommended to update!
Loading optimization.


Dutch language added - thanks to Iemand.
New 7z compression method WavPack.
Minor UI changes.
Minor internal improvements.


ZSTD, BROTLI, LZ4, LZ5, LIZARD support improved.
Fast-LZMA2 encoder added.


Critical bug in 7z.dll handling fixed


Critical memory leak fixed.
Memory using optimization.


Drag&Drop algorithm fully redesigned.
CCD/IMG, CDI, CSO disc image formats support added.
Some memory leaks fixed.
Some internal optimization.


Spanish language added - thanks to Cristian Rodríguez.
NRG, CUE/BIN, MDS/MDF, ISZ disc image formats formats support added.
License check error fixed.
Some internal optimization.


Chinese (Simplified) language added - thanks to Zhang Hongyu.
French language added - thanks to Chabloz Régis.
Turkish language added - thanks to The A.i.D.
WFX plugin support added (beta mode).
Extract menu improved.
Ability to select the encoding of file names in zip archives added.
Creating 7z sxf archives improved (icon, file properties, manifest).
Memory using optimization added.


High DPI support improved.
.propdesc file regisration bug fixed.
Korean language added - thanks to Kusu and キーンザナ 「Zana Keene」.
Japanese language added - thanks to キーンザナ 「Zana Keene」.
Polish language updated - thanks to Jarek.
German language updated - thanks to Christoph Loesch - www.chil.at.
FAR3 plugin support improved.
Some minor bugs fixed.


Critical bug in property store handler fixed.
"Pack to" menu improved.
Creation of hash files improved.
Compression to Lzip added.
Support of Asar format added.
Global internal changes - all previously created presets must be recreated :(


WCX and FAR3 plugin support improved (support of FAR3 plugin still in beta mode).
Support of Lzip archive format added (extraction only).
Property store handler optimized.
Memory using optimized.
Support of .zipignore files added.
Several non critical bugs fixed.
Polish localization added - thanks to Jarek
Romanian localization added - thanks to Igor Sorocean


Changelog started.
Several critical bugs fixed.
WCX plugin support improved.
FAR3 plugin support added (beta mode).