7-Zip plugins\Phar7z

Phar7z is a small plugin for the popular 7-Zip archiver. You can use Phar7z with 7-Zip to open, modify, or create .phar archives, which are used to enable distribution of applications and libraries by bundling many PHP code files and other resources (e.g. images, stylesheets, etc.) into a single archive file.

Open phar in 7-Zip


The Phar7z distribution package is an ordinary Zip archive that contains the following three files:

  • Phar7z.64.dll – the 64-bit version of the plugin
  • Phar7z.32.dll – the 32-bit version of the plugin
  • ReadMe.txt – the user instructions

To install the plugin into the 7-Zip installation folder, you need to create the "Formats" subfolder. After that, copy Phar7z.64.dll or Phar7z.32.dll (depending on your 7-Zip edition) to that subfolder. If you do that, each time you launch 7-Zip, it will automatically find Phar7z and use it when opening .phar files.

Current version

  • Plugin version: 1.0
  • Distribution package size: 201 KB
  • Distribution package release date: 20 Jan 2022