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Post thread title itself sounds much too much to ask for you software developers, i know, but the value of the software itself provides much value to the community and software name itself (valuable than money) if it could reach more audience in a heart-willingly way.

Rather than a lockdown trial shareware version for 30 days, it would be better if after that day, it will be reduced to a freeware limited version from a pro/full-version experience. Say the freeware would lockdown/disable some features until upgraded to pro such as:
  • disable running executables directly from archives
  • disable access on nested archives
  • disable password manager and package profiles
  • disable archive plug-ins supports and codecs
  • disable Advanced File List Filtering Based on .zipignore Rules
  • disable Creating tar.gz and tar.lz Archives popular on linux users.
  • disable decompression on not well-known/advanced/legacy most archive formats
  • windows pop-up notification upon using the disabled features to inform and support by buying the software
Hope for a generous consideration on your well-thought compressed archive software experience. untimed freeware while maintaining core-feature is a branding and marketing in itself.

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Rather than a lockdown
The program will work even after trial period ends. :) The only limitation - from time to time you will see a window with a reminder that the program is paid. But don't tell anybody about this lifehack :)